Wildflower Mix

Wildflower Mix

This Wildflower Mix will provide a beautiful array of blooming wildflowers from March through October. From Bluebonnet & Paintbrush in Spring to Black-Eyed Susan & Tahoka Daisy in Fall, there will always be a variety of blooms and colors.

The Facts..


Common Name % by weight Blooming Period
Texas Bluebonnet 63.25 March-May
Texas Paintbrush 1.10 March-May
Red Corn Poppy 9.20 March-July
Showy Primrose (Buttercup) 3.50 March-July
Indian Blanket 4.60 March-September
Coreopsis 5.30 April-September
Black-Eyed Susan 6.90 April -October
Tahoka Daisy 6.15 May-October



· FALL (August-December)
· Plant in well-drained soil in FULL SUN.
· Surface sow - Seeds can be surface sown, but gently raking them in will provide even better results. If possible, gently water them in after sowing and continue to keep them damp until they are established.


· 22 pounds per acre
· 1/4 pound (l package) covers 500 square feet
· 1 pound (4 packages) covers 2,000 square feet

Can be used in pastures, roadsides, hillsides, meadows, wildflower and floral gardens, slopes and vacant lots.

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