(Coreopsis lanceolata)


Although blooming from April through September, Coreopsis stages its major display in May, when it blankets fields and roadsides in brilliant yellow flowers. One of the most beautiful wildflowers, it lives up to one of its common names, "Golden Wave", and proves popular throughout the United States. It normally takes two years to become established.

The Facts..


· Flower heads, usually with 8 yellow ray flowers that have 4 (sometimes 3) prominent lobes. Disk flowers are also yellow and the whole center of the flower often looks like beadwork.
· 2 - 3 feet high


· WINTER-SPRING (November-May)
· Plant in well-drained soils in PARTIAL SHADE TO FULL SUN. · 1/16" - Cover seed with 1/16" of soil or gently rake them in. If possible, gently water them in after sowing and continue to keep them damp until they are established.
· At 65-70 degrees F, seeds should sprout in 20-30 days.


· 10 pounds per acre
· 1 packet covers 109 square feet

Grows well with other wildflowers. Can be used in pastures, fields, roadsides, hillsides, meadows, and wildflower and floral gardens.

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