Crimson Clover
(Trifolium incarnatum)

Crimson Clover

The Texas Highway Department seeds the shoulders and medians of many major highways in East Texas with Crimson Clover. It presents an extraordinary display from late March to early May, peaking during April, and gives the appearance of lush red velvet. It grows throughout the temperate areas of the United States. Crimson Clover has a tendency to become very competitive and crowd out other wildflowers.

The Facts..


· Crimson to dark red flower heads are 2"-3" long and cylindrical, blooming from the base upward. The leaves are formed by 3 almost oval leaflets, rounded at the ends and tapering toward the base.
· 6"-12" high
· Blooms MARCH - MAY


· FALL (August-December)
· Plant in well-drained soil (virtually all soil types) - prefers FULL SUN but can tolerate PARTIAL SHADE.
· Surface sow or 1/8" - Seeds can be surface sown, but gently raking them in will provide even better results. If possible, gently water them in after sowing and continue to keep them damp until they are established.
· At 65-68 degrees F, seeds should sprout in 7-21 days.


· 15 pounds per acre
· 1/2 pound covers 1,451 square feet
· 1 pound covers 2,902 square feet

Do not plant with other wildflowers. Can be used as feed for livestock, deer and other wildlife as well as used in fields, pastures, roadsides, hillsides, meadows, erosion control and slopes.

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